My committment to you regarding Covid-19

Health and Wellbeing is a Priority

Your health and wellbeing and the wellbeing of your friends and family is my absolute priority.

I am fully vaccinated and will provide my certificate upon request

I follow the directions which are issued by both State and Federal Australian Government representatives to help contain the spread of Covid-19 and keep us all safe and well

If there are wedding restrictions is in place I will ensure that all my couples are informed, updated and follow the prescribed rules and guidelines.

I ensure required social distancing, mask usage, hygiene and santising requirements are in place and followed at all times

Exploring All Options

I will support you to explore different types of wedding ceremony options that will meet your needs as well as meet the requirements of being flexible and adaptable in this every changing environment.

Choosing a date for your wedding is no longer one task that is ticked off, added to the calendar and set in stone. I will assist you to have alternative plans and options in place should any last minute restrictions occur. Continuing to make your wedding planning a joyful experience and limiting stress and anxiety is also super important.

Some options include:

  • have a small legals only ceremony in a park, at the beach or in a restaurant or cafe with just the couple, celebrant and 2 witnesses
  • Check out restaurant and local venue maximum limits and plan your guest list around these current number requirements
  • Plan for your big and bold reception party for when restrictions are lifted
  • Plan and book the wedding ceremony you desire but also have a back up plan for a legals only at the last minute just in case there is a sudden lockdown announced and you only have a few hours notice.  I will do my best to make this happen for you!
  • hold off for now and book a date in the future – it will happen!

Responsive Communications and Providing Regular Updates

I will always keep couples updated on any local restriction changes that will potentially affect wedding plans.

Keeping informed decreases stress and anxiety – for all of us!  I am a planner, someone who commits to creating an experience and being provided with up to date information will support us all to have the best experience at all times!



Victoria’s COVIDSafe settings


There are no vaccination rules for people who are attending weddings, funerals or places of worship to enter any venues.

No one needs to check-in using the Service Victoria App to enter venues.

There are no density limits.

Dancing is allowed indoors and outdoors.

To learn about any face-mask rules that may apply, see ‘Face-masks – Victoria’


This information was updated on 16th July 2022, and is a guide only. It has been sourced from  For Victorian residents, please refer to to confirm all current Covid-19 related information and guidance.

illustration of a large red heart with a destination pin to the left and an aeroplane to the right connected by dotted lines depicting travel


To access the most up to date domestic travel advice, please go to the Australian Government Department of Health Website – Domestic Travel


To access the most up to date International travel advice, please go to the Australian Government Department of Health Website – International Travel