Frequently Asked Questions

Amongst the hundreds of thoughts, ideas and queries a person has when planning and organising a wedding or a special event, there are some frequently asked questions that relate to sourcing and working with a Celebrant . Here are some answers that you are welcome to explore!


How do I choose a quality Celebrant?


How do I find an Authorised Marriage Celebrant?  Who should I get to marry me? What makes one Celebrant different from another?

So many questions right!  I suggest you start by considering the following

  • Reflect
  • Research
  • Connect
  • Consider
illustration of three speech bubbles with a question mark symbol inside of each bubble to symbolise reflecting about past weddings


Ask yourself some questions….

Think about weddings you may have attended. Have you been bored, felt the yawns come on or longed for it to be over so you could get to the reception and start the party? Or have you been completely present and in the moment,  had a few belly laughs with your cheeks sore from smiling as you witnessed something super special? What and who made the difference?

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Sort through all of your options…

Friends or family members may know someone which is great, but still try to do a little more research. Google! Check out websites, read the ‘about’ page and get to know a little more about the person behind the role of the Celebrant. Learn about their values. Do they align with yours?

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Reach out and text, email or call…

Narrow down your list of 1-3 Celebrants. Fill out the website contact form. Pick up your phone and dial that number. Send a text. Write an email. Hearing a voice or reading a response allows you to experience how the Celebrant initially connects with you, which will definitely help guide your choice.

Illustration of a pink tag that has the text 'Best Choice' written on it to depict receiving value for money when considering celebrant fees
Receive quality and value for money…

Affordability and pricing is an important factor to consider. Just as Celebrant fees can differ, so too can quality and experience. I promise you, a first-class Celebrant invests a lot of time connecting, fine-tuning and creating your experience! Remember, you are investing in creating core life moments and memories.

Once you have completed these four steps, the final step is the most important one.

Tap into what you FEEL!

What you feel helps you make choices and decisions. Some describe this as listening to your ‘gut’ or your ‘instinct’. You will choose a Celebrant that is just right for you. 

Where can I find a Celebrant in (insert location)?

Getting married in Daylesford, Geelong, Melbourne or the Bellarine Peninsula? Regardless of where you are located, many people may start with a google search and plug in their location and press search, with a list of names popping up to start searching through.

Choosing a top-notch quality Celebrant in your location may require you to reach out to a Celebrant who is willing to travel to you or who might work in a nearby regional area.  Don’t just settle for the first person that pops up in your google search.  Paying for Ads doesn’t necessarily make you a quality Celebrant. Remember to consider ALL the aspects outlined in FAQ 1 for finding a quality Celebrant.

How much does a Celebrant cost?

The answer to this question is that Celebrant fees can really vary!  Just ask google!

There is no set Industry Fee and you will find variations all throughout Australia and also all throughout our States and Territories.

Celebrant fees can differ as does quality, expertise, and experiences of receiving unique, highly individualised and personalised ceremonies.  Remember that you are investing in the most important part of your special day/night so I do encourage you to explore many options.

What are the legal requirements for getting married in Australia?

To get married in Australia, you must:

  • not be married
  • not be marrying a parent, grandparent, child, grandchild, brother or sister
  • be at least 18 years old, unless a court has approved a marriage where 1 person is 16-18 years old
  • understand what marriage means and freely agree to marry
  • use specific words during the ceremony
  • give a notice of intended marriage form  (NOIM form) to an authorised marriage celebrant at least 1 month and no more than 18 months before your wedding
  • be married by an authorised marriage Celebrant

You don’t have to be:

  • an Australian citizen
  • a permanent resident of Australia

It is actually a legal requirement to sign your marriage certificate with the same signature that you have BEFORE getting married. It has to match your signature on the NOIM form.

Once you have your official marriage certificate which will arrive via post after your wedding, you can then commence the process for changing your name and using your new signature (if thats what you choose to do)!

On your wedding day, three marriage certificates must be signed by:

  • you and your spouse/partner/person
  • your authorised marriage celebrant
  • two witnesses, who must be over 18 years old

Your authorised marriage celebrant will give you a certificate of marriage on the day. This is a ceremonial certificate of your marriage.

Your celebrant must then (within 14 days of the marriage) submit your marriage paperwork to the registry of births, deaths and marriages in the state or territory you got married in.

I will then apply for a copy of your official marriage certificate from the registry on your behalf and this will be posted directly to you.

How long does a Celebrant stay after a Ceremony?  Do I invite them to the reception or after-party?

Generally, Celebrants aren’t normally invited to Receptions unless they are a family member or a friend.

I will complete your Ceremony, give you a huge congratulations and quietly pack up my equipment, bits and bobs and often end up having a quick chat with a guest or two.

It is your moment, your celebration and I will ensure that I pass on your Certificates carefully and give you a huge congratulations before departing.

I normally have a big warm feeling in my heart as I leave, hearing laughter and witnessing joy amongst family and friends and think to myself ‘this is the best job in the world’!



illustration of three speech bubbles with a question mark symbol inside of each bubble to symbolise reflecting about past weddings

You may have many more questions. I am more than happy to connect with you and answer what I can or point you in the right direction for further information.