We are finally launching our new website for 2022! Inclusive Celebrant Services has been slowly chipping away at developing and constructing a fresh and inclusive website and is now ready to start 2022 – lets celebrate!

illustration of two champagne glasses filled with red heart shaped liquid with the text "celebrate" above them

What will 2022 bring?

Well let us hope that it is a little less of what 2020 and 2021 focused on….. less lockdowns please and finding a way to live with Covid-19 and still celebrate our special moments!

It has been such a rough ride for couples who have had to navigate cancelling or postponing their wedding dates or completely changing the type of wedding they always imagined. I think it’s time for a change!

Let’s make 2022 a new year!

2022 is a year for

  • Fresh beginnings
  • Learning to find new ways to connect again
  • Spending quality time with friends and family
  • Having fun and
  • Creating memorable moments!

Inclusive Celebrant Services is here for you!

Have you recently got engaged? Has your wedding day been postponed previously and you are looking for a new date? Are you having a baby and wanting a naming ceremony? Are you ready to celebrate your gender identity? Are you looking to lock in your special event? Christine Goonan is here for you.